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weight lossAn unhealthy lifestyle over time has its way of showing in our figures. The problem is, most of us are so busy with work and other things that we sometimes fail to notice how badly we are eating and living. As it was with me, I knew the kilos were piling up but I didn’t really realize until a few dress sizes later how much I have really gained. But once I woke up to the reality that I needed to focus on my weight and diet, I became determined to do correct my bad habits.

Despite the numerous fad diets around, I was not convinced that they would really work and that they are even healthy. I did not want a short-term solution of crash dieting and losing kilos quickly but not being able to maintain the weight. I also did not believe in slaving away simply in the gym without pairing it with proper nutrition. I wanted to lose my extra kilos the best way possible, so I turned to the Internet to look for an experienced dietitian in Melbourne CBD area to be my partner in my journey to my target weight.

It was very important for me to find someone who was not just knowledgeable about diet and nutrition, but who will have a personalized approach and care. Finally, I found a great professional who offers a more comprehensive approach to improving my lifestyle. I was not, after all, under any time pressure to lose weight. I wanted a manageable reduction of weight, targeting between half to one kilo every week.

One of the key strengths of my dietitian was her holistic approach, paying attention to the psychological effects of food and weight. For many of us, food has become an escape from stress or other issues, making it difficult to change our diet. At the same time, our weight affects our sense of self, so focusing on the numbers showing up on that scale can be dangerous. Her approach is to transform your diet gradually, without sudden no-sugar diets or eating tasteless meals. Instead, this is achieved by gently substituting ingredients while meeting the nutritional needs of my body.

Finding a dietitian whose philosophy matches yours is vital to succeeding. I do not want to be forced or not be in complete agreement with the changes I was going to have to make in my life.

How was my experience working with a dietitian?

During my first appointment, I got to know my professional partner better, getting information on her background and experience. In return, she took the time to also interview me. This means beyond getting my statistics, she asked about my diet and fitness habits, and moreover, my goals and targets. She had many questions about my preferences, allergies and basically important information to understand what could be improved. What was most important was her trying to understand my philosophy on food and health. This was a very useful (though long) conversation that started good communication between us and put us on the same page. 

She also did a lecture on food and nutrition, explaining why I possibly was gaining weight. Though I was not into binge eating, it seems I have for a very long time eating more calories than my body actually needed. Understanding our body and its requirements is important in planning a diet. She explained how my eating plan was specialized for me so that my energy intake from all sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fat is balanced. I was still providing my body with what is necessary but at the same time, shedding a few unnecessary kilos. These lectures were very helpful for me to gain knowledge to help me make the right choices.

My eating plan was devised as well around ingredients that I like so that I could still enjoy my meals. This was partnered with developing knowledge and skills in portion control, reading labels, recipe ideas, exercise and even modifying existing recipes. In the planned 4-week weight loss program, I gained all the necessary knowledge to make better choices and continue my journey way beyond this time. All this achieved without depriving me of my favorite food!

After 4 weeks of monitoring and checking on my progress, I had finally started making my way to achieving my goal weight. Moreover, not only was I on the way to reversing that unhealthy lifestyle I had been living, but I was able to avoid being obese and the health conditions common to those who are overweight. Now I look and feel better, and at the same time, I was at the peak of my health. I never want going back to my old unhealthy self again as I look forward to living a disciplined and vigorous lifestyle.

chiropractor for bac painI am haunted by the idea of going to hospitals and I’d do anything just to avoid them. But recently, I was forced to have a check-up because of my persistent and bothersome back pain. Normally, I’d place back pain patches or rub cooling oil to soothe the discomfort and the soreness; however, this time around, a specialist’s advice and medication was needed, since none of them were enough to relieve the pain. 

At first, I was anxious to step inside the clinic knowing that my situation was not just the typical back strain. But thankfully, I was able to set an appointment with a friendly chiropractor in Dandenong, and so I was relaxed the whole time. 

Chiropractor are health professionals that address problems of the nervous and musculoskeletal system. They’re not your usual therapists, but they’re also not doctors. And in general, they provide prevention methods and treatments to back pain, headaches, disc bulging, and compressed spinal discs. 

The first thing on our agenda was the comprehensive physical examination, completely followed by a medical history evaluation. What I appreciated was that my specialist immediately gave me a personalized treatment plan, and to my surprise, a surgery was not necessary in the healing process. This is the beauty of going to a chiropractor - there is a big chance for you to recover without needles, medicines, and radiation. 

I was given a natural and drugless approach to align my spine once again. With a set of exercises that focused on range and motion and nutritional diet, there was a significant decrease of muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain in the buttocks. Thanks to chiropractic adjustments and decompression, the sensitive nerves were targeted. 

After a few sessions with my chiropractor, I realized that our tendency to overlook the simple muscle pains can cause the worsening of possible serious ailments. I made the right choice by seeking professional help and alternative treatments such as this to alleviate my health condition.