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drummingRecently I had been looking for a hobby that I could start because I had the time and I wanted to try out something new. I was always interested in music and decided to learn how to play an instrument. As I was looking around for classes, I came across a top drum lessons studio in Melbourne.

Drums are not normally popular with women, but I find it cooler than the guitar or the piano. When I listen to music I always pay attention to the rhythm, therefore I made up my mind to learn this instead. As I read more about it, I found out that there are health benefits of drums lessons as well.

What is great about this instrument is that it can be learned by anyone, and does not require any special abilities or talents. You also would not need to learn how to read notes or any other theory. The fact that most traditional and primitive music revolves around drums shows that this is universally popular regardless of culture, age, race, and nationality. Young or old, male or female, drumming is there for everyone. You can enroll into drum lessons at any time as well.

Drumming Helps with Therapy

People whose brains are injured or impaired or those who suffer from arthritis and physical injuries benefit from drum therapy, as proven by research.

It Helps with Your Immune System

Playing the drums can help decrease your blood pressure and stress levels. Because of the physical movement involved, it allows you to vent out your frustration. How many times did you want to hit something when you are stressed? You can find the right outlet with this instrument. More than that, it can be meditative, when you focus on specific rhythms and combine it with deep breathing. Stress levels can also have a negative effect on your immune system because it can hinder the creation of killer cells. Therefore, reducing stress will boost your body’s ability to fight disease.

It is Good for Your Brain

Drumming helps the two sides of your brain to synchronize the two sides of your brain. This leads to harmonized brain waves, helping you become more conscious, insightful and even more creative. Moreover, alpha waves in the brain are increased while playing, helping your mind become calmer and achieve a meditative state.

There is an Emotional Advantage Too

If you are suffering from emotional trauma, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), you might benefit from playing drums. It gives you an outlet to express or address your emotional issues. Even the sound vibrations stimulate your cells to release negative memories are stored in your cells. Music allows us to release our emotions, which can then help you rebuild your emotional health. Through the expression of what is deep down, you can also address these issues that you might have dug deep inside you for a long time.

You can Connect Better

There are also group drumming classes you can take part in, and doing so will help you connect with other people within a community. Some use this as a team building tool because individuals get to share a powerful experience. They learn to work as a team, listen to others and achieve common goals. No one is isolated, and communication and involvement can be improved within the group.

Not only do you end up connecting with others better, but it also works the same for yourself. You can become more in sync with yourselves, which is key to achieving a healthier mental and emotional state.

You can Focus on the Present Moment

The fact you have to coordinate several body parts mean that you are forced to focus on your every movement. Your mind does not get distracted by other thoughts, which helps you forget worries and stresses.

You can Express Yourself Creatively

Playing music is a great way to express yourself and moreover, enhance your creative side. Most people simply do not have an outlet for their thoughts and emotions and the drums might be the way for you to do it. Even if you never thought of yourself as a musician or an artist, you might suddenly discover this side of your personality.

It’s Fun

The best part of playing music is that you end up doing something fun. In fact, your brain ends up releasing endorphins that make you feel happy and euphoric. Moreover, group drumming multiplies the fun, much like in a jamming session. After all, if you are to do something in your free time, it should be something that is fun and enjoyable!

These are benefits that I did not expect from just playing the drums. It made me more determined to actually continue with the classes. I even decided to join some group drumming sessions to enjoy the benefits of making music together. Finally, not only did I learn something new and had a new hobby for the extra time I had, but I also improve my health at the same time.