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How I Managed Back Pain Using Physiotherapy

physio-and-back-painBeing a student makes me vulnerable to the development of back pains because there are hours that I forget to sit or stand properly. For example, when I am reviewing for my exams, there are a lot of times that I sit with a drooping posture. During my first years in the university, I didn’t mind about not practicing proper sitting because, on my mind, I am still very young and won’t be affected. However, now that I am in my last year of studying, I began to feel minor pains in my lower back. During the first weeks, I did not do anything about it. However, when my roommates who are also my best girlfriends started complaining about back pains also, I began to feel a little worried. So I also shared with them that I have been feeling minor lower back pains for the past several weeks. 

During our conversation, I found out that we all do the same things that we think are the reasons why we feel pain in our lower back. On my part, I sit in a slouch position most of the times whenever I am in our dorm. On their part, however, they also don’t sit properly even when attending their classes. Because we feel that we should do something about our conditions, we searched for an effective way to relieve back pain. We felt even more obliged to do so because there have been times that the pain became truly bothersome. One of our professors suggested that we try and highly consider physical therapy or physiotherapy. She said that the therapy will greatly help us both in the short term and long term. We asked her how the therapy works and we learned that it does not involve medications or intake of both prescribed and over the counter drugs. From that alone, I and my girlfriends decided to visit a physio clinic.     

Luckily, there is a clinic near the dormitory that we are renting. During our visit and consultation at the clinic, we learned more relevant and important information about the therapy. We were able to have a helpful discussion with Russel Thompson – back pain expert. According to him, physical therapy involves exercises and movements that target the core of the different systems of the body. Though these are range of motion exercises, these can address muscle and joint pains, injuries, too much stress, and a long list of illnesses. He shared that there is a high rate of satisfied customers. They are satisfied because they were able to recover from their unhealthy conditions and, at the same time, they did not suffer from any unwanted negative side effects.   

After a series of exchange of questions and answers, we proceeded with the execution of light exercises. Russel demonstrated to us step by step how to perform each exercises. After each demonstration, we followed and completed each exercise. For a few minutes, we were able to finish all the exercises and we were amazed how these helped us feel comfortable and better. We felt like our bones and muscles become loose, which removed the stiffness and pain that we feel.  

We have been visiting the clinic for more than four weeks now and we can confidently say that there is a huge difference in the way our body functions. For one, we barely feel pain in our back, which is great because we feel more comfortable in the things that we do every day. In addition, we feel more energetic and stronger and, thus, are able to complete a lot of tasks even if it is already evening. Every time we visit the clinic, we always share with Russel that changes that we notice and feel. During one of our recent visits, Russel gave us further discussions about the benefits of physical therapy. He mentioned that doing the set of exercises to address back pain is also helpful in improving the health and strength of our immune system. A healthier and stronger immune system is, without a doubt, the major reason why we feel so much better now. Aside from regular sessions of physio, we also follow Russel’s advice that we avoid sitting and standing in an improper posture.     

After the many visits at the physio clinic, we are far better now in terms of our health condition. In addition, we are more disciplined now and more conscious of the things we do to our body. We thanked our professor who suggested that we try physical therapy. 

Indeed, physiotherapy is a reliable, safe and effective intervention to many health problems. By seeking advice from the experts, specific health issues are resolved accurately. To read more health-related topics such as this, click here. It is a great advantage to be updated with the latest trends in health and wellness.

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